Who We Are


Voters often want to know, what do Democrats believe and why do we exist? Our core principles may not fit on a bumper sticker but they are the heart and soul of what we want to achieve and the policies we support. We think you will find that you agree with many – even all – of them.

Mission Statement

The Livingston Party Democratic Party exists to forward its core principles through activity in the civic and electoral areas, where possible electing Democrats to public office.

Core Principles

The Party’s core principles reflect our values as Americans, Michiganders, and residents of Livingston County. We believe that:

1. People who work deserve good, safe jobs with benefits and enough weekly hours to allow them to provide security and opportunity to themselves and their families. We favor a significantly higher minimum wage and workers’ right to form or join unions.
2. Government has an affirmative role to play in providing essential high-quality public amenities, including police, fire, education, roads, public transit, and where needed food, shelter, and counseling services. Having effective, well-funded preschool and K-12 education and affordable internet access are critical to restoring our young people’s economic mobility.
3. These services are worth paying income, sales, and property taxes to maintain and continuously improve. Whenever feasible, these taxes should be progressive, reflecting high income taxpayers’ greater ability to pay.
4. Government spending should focus on providing security and opportunity rather than on punishing victimless crime, as in the wasteful and ineffective “war on drugs.” There are more humane and cost-effective ways to address drug use and other petty offenses than to expand our jails and lock up so many of our people.
5. Government should be accessible and elections fair. We support making it easier, not harder to vote, and we oppose gerrymandering to create "safe" electoral districts.
6. Government should be transparent and accountable. Having a minimum of secrecy and engaging in spirited debate around critical issues are critical to building and maintaining the reputation of public service, which has suffered under the County’s in-grown, old-boys-club Republican rule.
7. We believe that public policy must respect everyone in the community, so we support the civil rights of women, minorities, and LGBT individuals.
8. Our air and water belong to all of us, and should not be put at risk for such private purposes as fracking, particularly in the absence of meaningful, fully enforced regulation.

These eight principles drive what we do – both the positions taken by our candidates on local, state, and national issues and the ways we are engaged in the community. Therefore, among the many things we do in the County:
• We picket for higher pay at Wal-Mart.
• We demand that Lansing politicians do their jobs and address the sorry state of our roads.
• We seek to improve our schools and other vital public services, where necessary supporting millages and other taxes to provide the revenue they depend on.
• We walk for warmth and support local food banks.
• We opposed expanding the County jail, and we oppose filling it with people charged with minor, often victimless crimes.
• Even when we do not hold office, we monitor township, city, and county government meetings, always seeking more openness and public engagement.
• We monitor polling places throughout the county to ensure that people entitled to vote are not prevented from doing so.
• We oppose discrimination in hiring and promotion.
• We support moratoriums on fracking.

If you agree with many of our principles, join us! We meet the 4th
Thursday of every month. Our meetings are open to all Democrats in the
county. Watch our website for topics and locations. "Like" Livingston
County Democrats on Facebook. Sign up for our weekly email blasts by
sending your email to livcodems@gmail.com.

County Chair: Judy Daubenmier
Vice Chair: Doug Callaghan
Vice Chair for Communications: Evelyn Gallegos
Vice Chair for Strategy: Dan Luria
Vice Chair for Union Relations: John Wallbank
Vice Chair for Membership: Cathy Lamerton
Treasurer: Jeanette DiFlorio
Secretary: Cindy Kalogeropoulos

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Candidate for Dem...

A candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor will be the guest speaker at the next meeting of the Livingston County Democratic Party.

Bill Cobbs, a retired executive with Xerox Corporation, will speak at the event at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 25, at RE/Max Platinum Auditorium, 6870 Grand River, between Brighton and Howell.

Cobbs, who lives in Oakland County, is running on a platform of rebuilding Michigan’s infrastructure and schools. He is pledging to listen to Michigan citizens and to restore trust in government.

Cobbs graduated from Cass Technical High School in 1970. He earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan and served in the U.S. Navy from 1972-73. He later worked as a police officer while earning a law degree at Wayne State University Law School.

After being hired by Xerox, he built the Xerox Professional Services Division and became a global vice president for the corporation.

After retiring, he has coached executives in Fortune 500 on how to listen to customers and their employees.

He has been married for 36 years and he and his wife, Lisa, have two children and one granddaughter.

His website is: http://www.billcobbs2018.com/.

Cobbs is one of several people seeking the Democratic nomination for governor in 2018. The party’s primary will be Aug. 7, 2018.

All Democrats in the county are welcome to attend the meeting. For more information, call 810-229-4212 or email livcodems@gmail.com.

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Livingston Dems t...

Spring is here and you can hear it, literally. Livingston County Democrats will explore the sounds of spring amphibians and how they are affected by environmental policy at their meeting this month.

Andrew Nowicki, a zoology major at Michigan State University from Cohoctah Township, will speak on “A Quick Guide to Spring Amphibians: Environmental Indicators” at the meeting on Thursday, April 27, at 7 p.m. at Re-Max Platinum Auditorium, 6870 Grand River, between Brighton and Howell.

Also speaking will be Kody Vitale, a field organizer with the Michigan Democratic Party. Vitale, of Brighton, will be working in a region that includes Livingston County under the Michigan Democratic Party’s Project 83.

The meeting is open to all Democrats in the county. Attendees are advised to park behind the building, use the rear building, and take the stairs or elevators down to the auditorium.

For more information call (810) 229-4212 or email livcodems@gmail.com.


Day of Action for...

Health care is vital to all of us, and we know we must fight to preserve our right to it.
Livingston County Democrats will take to the streets and the phones on Saturday, April 22, as part of a statewide Day of Action for Health Care.
We will be discussing health care plans supported by Democrats in Lansing and Washington, D.C., as part of a Michigan Democratic Party statewide mobilization.
Please join us as we talk to our friends and neighbors about this vital issue.
Phone-banking and door-to-door canvassing shifts are available from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Training and materials will be provided.
Please call (810) 229-4212 or email livcodems@gmail.com for more information.
(Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Committee, 8028 Grand River,
Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor donated.)


Spring Cleaning T...

It’s spring cleaning time – and that means for our roadsides, too.
Livingston County Democrats will gather on Sunday, April 23, to clean up two miles of M-59 in Oceola Township as we take part in the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Adopt-a-Highway program.
Come out and join other Democrats as we clean up the winter’s litter from the roadside.
Meet at 8 a.m. in the parking lot of Ironwood Golf Course, 6902 E. Highland Road, Howell. Bring gloves and wear sturdy shoes. We will provide safety training, safety vests, pick up sticks, and trash bags.
Breakfast together afterwards!
Livingston County Democrats have been showing their concern for the environment by taking part in this program for nearly 30 years. Come on out, meet other Democrats, and be part of the tradition!
For more information, contact livcodems@gmail.com or call (810) 229-4212.
(Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Committee, 8028 Grand River,
Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor Donated.)


NPR Political Ana...

We’re excited to invite you to our biggest event of the year – the annual Winans Dinner at Lakelands Golf and Country Club, 8760 Chilson Road, Hamburg, MI!
Our 34th annual dinner will be Friday, May 19, and will feature noted National Public Radio political analyst Jack Lessenberry as the keynote speaker.
Potential candidates for the Democratic nomination for 8th District Congress are also expected.
The evening includes a social hour at 6 p.m. with a cash bar and music, a sit-down dinner at 7 p.m., dessert, a silent auction with many items to tempt you, a slideshow of our 2016 activities – and great conversation with like-minded friends, old and new.
Tickets for the event are $70 per person through April 28 and $80 per person after that and at the door. Student tickets are $25. Show your support for the Democratic Party by having your name listed in the program with a patron ad, for just $15 per name.
To reserve your seat, you may mail a check made out to Livingston County Democratic Party to 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Please include the names of all attendees so that name tags can be prepared. Tickets will not be mailed, but your name will be on the list at the door.
We’ve added to the fun of this year’s event with some new items in our silent auction. Attendees will have a chance to bid on two great trips -- one to see the musical Hamilton in Chicago and even meet the cast, and another to a regular season NCAA sporting event of your choice.
These are big ticket items so bring your checkbook and be prepared to support Livingston County Democrats with high bids!
We also are gladly accepting donated items for our silent auction, including themed-baskets, and hand-made items such as jewelry.
Advertising opportunities in our program for the evening are also available.
The dinner is named in honor of Edwin B. Winans, Democratic governor of Michigan from 1891-1893 who also served two terms in the. U.S. House of Representatives. Winans, who was from Hamburg Township, was a populist who instituted the secret-ballot voting system in Michigan.
Let’s make the 2017 dinner our best ever!
For more information, call (810) 229-4212 or email livcodems@gmail.com.
(Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Executive Committee, 8028 Grand River,
Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor donated.)


Livingston Dems’ ...

The problem of gerrymandering in Michigan will be the topic of the next meeting of the Livingston County Democratic Party’s executive committee.
Democratic attorney Mark Brewer and Rebecca Lenk, chair of the education committee of Count MI Vote, will speak at the meeting set for Thursday, March 23, at 7 p.m. at Re-Max Platinum Auditorium.
Gerrymandering is the process of drawing legislative district lines to favor one political party so that it maintains political power. Redistricting is set to next occur in Michigan after the 2020 census results.
Brewer, former chair of the Michigan Democratic Party, is planning to sue state officials over gerrymandering, pointing out that it minimizes the power of Democratic voters. His plans follow a federal court ruling in Wisconsin that ordered the state to redraw its maps after a challenge based on the “efficiency gap.”
The “efficiency gap” measures the “wasted votes” for candidates – either lost votes for candidates who didn’t win or excess votes for candidates who did.
The “efficiency gap” theory argues that a gerrymandered state crams votes for one party into a few safe seats. The votes for the other party are split into as many winning districts as possible, maximizing one party’s political power while minimizing another’s.
While that lawsuit is being prepared, the grassroots group Count MI Vote was formed in late 2016 with more than 2,500 members to educate the public about the effects of partisan gerrymandering in Michigan.
Count MI Vote is part of the non-partisan ballot question committee Voters Not Politicians, which is seeking to amend the Michigan Constitution in 2018 to create an independent Citizens’ Redistricting Commission.
Lenk will speak about the issue of gerrymandering in general as well as explain how people can participate in the petition drive needed to put the issue on the 2018 ballot.
The meeting is open to all Democrats in the county.
Re-Max Platinum Auditorium is located at 6870 Grand River, between Brighton and Howell. Attendees are advised to park behind the building, use the rear entrance, and take the stairs or elevator down to the auditorium.
The party’s regular business meeting will follow.
For more information, call 810-229-4212 or email livcodems@gmail.com.


State Party Chair...

The chair of the Michigan Democratic Party will speak to Livingston County Democrats later this month.

The meeting is set for Saturday, Feb. 18, at 10 a.m. at Re-Max Platinum Auditorium, 6870 Grand River.

“This will be the perfect time for local Democrats to hear about plans for strengthening the party in 2017 and to share their own ideas with Brandon Dillon,” said Judy Daubenmier, chair of the Livingston County Democratic Party.

The party’s executive committee meeting will follow.

Attendees should park behind the building, use the rear entrance, and take the stairs or elevator down to the auditorium.

For more information, call (810) 229-4212 or email livcodems@gmail.com.

(Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Executive Committee, 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor donated.)


Livingston County...

A chapter of the Michigan High School Democrats is being formed in Livingston County and will hold its first meeting soon.

“Several high school students volunteered in our office in the 2016 presidential campaign and have stepped up to form an organization that will engage young people in the Democratic Party,” said Judy Daubenmier, chair of the Livingston County Democratic Party. “We are delighted at the leadership being shown by these outstanding young people to create this chapter.”

One of the organizers, Hartland High School student Loviisa Pasternak was active in the campaign and decided to help organize a student group.

“In a Democratic Republic, the government is only as strong and smart as the people. As we are fortunate enough to live under one, it is of the utmost importance that everyone be educated about politics--everyone, not just adults. Despite not being able to vote, we, as minors, can still make a major difference,” she said.

The group plans to hold its organizational meeting on Saturday, Feb. 4 at 4 p.m. at party headquarters, 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, near the intersection with Hacker Road. Light refreshments will be served.

The Michigan High School Democrats is a caucus within the Michigan Democratic Party and is affiliated with the High School Democrats of America. The Livingston County chapter will become the 12th in Michigan, joining ones in Troy, Byron Center, Grosse Pointe, Portage, Petoskey, Novi, Holland, Macomb County, Birmingham/Bloomfield, Ann Arbor, and Walled Lake.

The goals of the Michigan High School Democrats include promoting the interests and concerns of high school students within the Democratic Party; identifying, recruiting, and training high school activists, and serving as a catalyst by which the message of the Democratic Party reaches high school students, as well as helping to elect Democrats to office.

The Livingston County chapter is a county-wide organization and is not affiliated with any single high school.

Loviisa and others involved in organizing the chapter have been gathering names of others who are interested in a chapter.

To be eligible to join, a student must live in Livingston County and be within three months of entering high school or have left high school within the last three months.

Any high school Democrats wishing to join the Livingston County chapter of the Michigan High School Democrats may contact party headquarters at 810-229-4212, email livcodems@gmail.com, email Loviisa Pasternak at lkpast@comcast.net, or call or text her at 810-599-4032.
(Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Committee, 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor donated.)


Livingston Dems H...

Volunteers are essential to the operation of the Livingston County Democratic Party. That’s why each year at our annual fundraising dinner, we make it a point to honor some of our hardest working volunteers. This year was no exception. We honored three individuals at our May 20 Winans Dinner.

Our Outstanding Volunteer Award goes every year to someone who provides valuable, but sometimes unheralded, service to our party month in and month out. This year’s honoree So I’m Outstanding Volunteer Award was bestowed on Jerry Lamerton.

Jerry has been volunteering for several years with our party. He has helped in the kitchen at our wild game and pig roast events, and then took over the silent auction for both the Winans Dinner and the pig roast. When he’s not in the kitchen, he’s making sure our computers are connected to the Internet and to printers and that they’re up and running. It would be very hard to have a functioning office without him and we are deeply grateful to him.

The Herb and Ruth Munzel Distinguished Service Award was established in May 2005 by the Livingston County Democratic Party in honor of the Munzels and their many years of service. In appreciation for all his years in service to progressive candidates and progressive causes, our Distinguished Service Award this year went to Bob Alexander.

Bob has been in the thick of progressive causes in Michigan for decades. Where two or three Democrats are gathered together, there he is in the midst of them – with a clipboard, gathering signatures for causes ranging from assisted suicide to legalizing marijuana to recalling John Engler. He chairs the Michigan Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus. He has helped many fellow Democrats run for offices from school board to county commission to state representative in the Lansing and East Lansing area.

He twice represented our party as the Democratic nominee for the 8th Congressional District. And as the 8th District nominee he served on the executive committee here in Livingston County, offering valuable advice when the party set up its office in 2006. It’s hard to sum up all the causes he has been involved with and all the plans he has hatched. But he will always be an inspiration to us for the way he fights hard and even if he loses, he comes back and keeps on fighting.

The John D. Donahue Citizenship Award is named in honor of the former Livingston County Commissioner from Unadilla who was involved in county politics for many years. In recent years, the award has gone to individuals who have served the broader community, not just our local Democratic Party – to people who have been engaged in public service in some way.

So it is fitting this year that the award go to someone who has served the public on a rare thing here in Livingston County – a bipartisan township board made up of Republicans, an independent, and two Democrats. As Howell Township Trustee, Michael Tipton has worked to forge consensus among the diverse members of the township board, and helped put the township back on sound financial footing after the previous all-Republican board went deep into debt on sewer projects. He re-established the township’s recycling day and worked to bring recreational opportunities to township residents. Now he is running for Howell Township clerk in November.

(Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Committee, 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor donated.)


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